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Most wood finishes today are sprayed. They are films formulated from a variety of materials with various characteristics. Hundreds of years ago, finish recipes were among the most carefully guarded secrets of woodworkers and finishers. Clearly, proprietary finishes contribute to the sublime tone of certain violins, and the depth and life of many furniture finishes is the stuff of legends. We use a finish that has its roots in old stringed-instrument and fine coach and furniture makers' shops.
The chemistry of plant oils is understood today better than at any other time in history. Our finish is a blend of Sutherland Welles Botanical Polymerized Tung Oil and a uralkyd resin. The polymerization process minimizes the need for chemical driers. The richness and depth of the wood figure is magnified when the finish is polished into it. It doesn't end there. As the oil finish ages, it deepens in tone and patina and more oil can be polished in to refresh the surface. There continues to be debate within the woodworking community about which finish is best, but we are clear about which we favor.

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